High-Tech (And Digital) Hearing Aids

A closeup view of high-tech digital hearing aids.

Top 3 High-Tech Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids surfaced in the late 1980s and are set apart from traditional analog devices by their ability to process incoming sounds through a computer chip. Since then, digital hearing aids have grown increasingly more customized and discreet. At a slightly higher price point than analog aids, those looking to treat hearing loss can receive the full benefits of the virtually limitless capabilities of high-tech hearing devices.  

Phonak Naida Q

Phonak Naida Q is part of the family of state-of-the-art hearing devices offered by Phonak. Designed with those suffering from significant hearing loss in mind, Phonak Naida Q is a hyper-customizable, high-performance power hearing aid.


  • Speech In Wind: Reduces the effects of wind on speech and allows clearer understanding of individual conversations.
  • Auto StereoZoom: Allows users to focus in on one specific noise, amidst a flood of background noise. Picks up on noisy environments and supports this adjustment automatically.
  • SoundRecover: Difficult to hear, high-pitched sounds become audile through this feature.
  • DuoPhone: Enables easier listening when on the phone.
  • Auto Zoom Control: Permits hands-free adjustment when you cannot easily face the source of a sound.

ReSound Verso TS

ReSound Verso was developed for anyone with mild to profound hearing loss, and especially catered to those with tinnitus. With a dual series of Verso TS 9 and Verso TS 7, ReSound Verso TS is available in a variety of models for each individual.  


  • Tinnitus Sound Generator: Produces white noise signal with a flat power spectral density; proven effective stimulus for tinnitus relief.
  • Frequency Shaper: Individualizes the sound generator for your own personal hearing levels.
  • Synchronized Environmental Steering: Allows optimal comfort for transitioning from one sound environment to another.
  • Synchronized Amplitude Modulation: Accompanies the Tinnitus Sound Generator with a soothing quality.
  • Synchronized Volume Control: Allows you to customize the noise generator for comfort in any environment.

Siemens CENTRA Active

CENTRA Active hearing aid from Siemens is outfitted for those with hearing loss that maintain an active lifestyle. As a completely automatic device that carries a receiver-in-the-canal design, CENTRA Active is a flexible hearing aid that offers optimal comfort for an energetic daily life.


  • AquaProtect Technology: Feature that resists sweat, moisture, and humidity.
  • Rechargeable Feature: No batteries needed; recharges by plugging into a central charger.
  • DataLearning Technology: Adapts to the volume preferences you set and automatically adjusts when recognizing similar environments.
  • SoundSmoothing: Reduces background noise when focusing on speech.
  • eWindScreen: Adapts to windy conditions to shield device from catching gusts of the breeze.

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